Postcard from Wild Florida

Skrevet af TravelHunter 14. juni 2015, 10:35

Alligators are common in Florida

It’s a unique experience to sail through Florida’s shallow water areas in a large propeller-driven Airboat and get an in depth look of alligators in the swamps.

In the air above us, a bald eagle with snow white feathers on their head and tail hovers. In the swamp, we see a group of wild ibis among the marches and a field of yellow lotus flowers in the horizon, before we continue the airboat ride at high speed.

In the wildlife park, the red-billed sandhill cranes are trying to steal away our food, while parrots in the tropical bird aviary sit with tilted heads on a branch, getting ready for a photo shoot.

We take a picture of a baby alligator and spend the rest of the day exploring the boardwalk through the pristine Florida cypress swamp.

Baby gator

Explore the wildlife park


Propeller-driven airboats in all sizes was invited by Discover America Denmark, IPW 2015 og Air France


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