Lifelong Learning in Andalusia

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Lot of opportunities for shoreline strolls at  Costa de la Luz

The province of Cádiz has a charm of its own in winter when the sun is shining on the wild shorelines, mountainside villages and active tourists from Europe gather in the beachfront hotels on Costa de la Luz. 

Andalusia in the south of Spain is great in all four seasons and the perfect spot to let sun, sea and wind batter your senses during the cold winter months in North Europe. The wind is no obstacle as long as you can enjoy a café con leche in one of small beach bars, play golf on the greens, bike along the curved cycle paths or learn some new skills.

A variety of shared learnings
A group of seniors from England stretch their mind to learn Spanish in one of the conference rooms in Hotel Barossa Park, located in the village Chiclana de la Frontera. Other seniors learn about using  tablets and mobiles, watercolour techniques, go to singing and music classes or exercise aquarobics in the indoor swimming pool. The long sandy beach just outside the hotel is great for shoreline strolls on peaceful mornings or afternoons.

“Lifelong learning means keeping your mind alive with a little intelligent activity and taking some exercise; together this ensures that you live a little longer and enjoy a better life,” says Philip Nash, who founded the residential adult education programme GO/CTE almost twenty years ago.

Excursions in the province

The energetic 80-year old director and his sympathetic wife Pam organise outings to nearby attractions and places of historic or cultural interest. In Cádiz, the great port city of Andalucía, you can visit the cathedral and get greater insight into Spanish traditions and heritage, or you can go shopping in the narrow streets of the historic old town. In the small harbour town Sancti-Petri, you will find the cosy restaurant Cirilo in Club Nautico where you can eat a sea food lunch with the locals. If you want to shop fresh fruit and vegetables, clothes, leather crafts and colourful pottery, visit the market in the nearby villages Chiclana or San Fernando.

On a trip to Bolonia, you can gain insight into Roman city planning and urban life during the Empire. A day trip to the famous National Park Doñana in the delta of the Rio Gualdalquivir is an ideal way to experience the fascinating scenery and landscape in the nearby provinces. In the vital refuge for hundreds of thousands of migratory birds and other wildlife, you will see wild boars, red deers, flamingos and the small wading bird, sanderling. If you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of the famous Spanish imperial eagle.

Fiestas and sherry tasting
Spanish culture is to a great extent characterized by it’s food, wine and traditional fiestas – a full-blooded affair, full of colour, noise and spectacle. Every year in mid-February, you can enjoy the Carnaval in Cádiz and mingle with the locals in the streets and plazas, see processions, children ’s shows and listen to the carnival groups’ spontaneous singing. Click here to see and listen to a Chirigotas group. 

Besides GO/CTE’s daily piano recital and farewell parties, there is music and entertainment every week at Hotel Barossa Park after a tasty dinner in the hotel restaurant. At St. Valentine’s Day and during the Carnival in Cadiz, locals from Sevilla and the nearby villages join the parties at the hotel and keep the dance floor busy.

If you want to try some of the local wines, visit some of the bodegas in the sherry-making towns, eg. Barbadillo Bodega in the mountain village Sanlúcar de Barrameda or Gonzalez Byass in Jerez de la Frontera. The latter also has a fascinating fortress, the 12th century Almohad, southwest of Plaza del Arenal, and a beautiful castle Palacio Atalaya with an antique clock and watch museum. 

Great surroundings is a good starting point to learn new skills and learn from and collaborate with others. During a two week or a month’s stay in Costa de la Luz, you will not only escape the cold northern European winter, but also make new friends and get acquainted with the highlights of Andalusia. was invited by GO/CTE to provide insight into Travel Writing and Blogging


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