Four fabulous Food Halls in Europe

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Specialty food halls offering the finest fresh, exquisite delicacies, and togetherness inspire locals and tourists visit food markets in droves.



TorvehallerneKBH is Copenhagen’s most popular food market with a focus on diversity and opportunity for tastings, seasonal deals and delicacies from around the world. The food hall is situated only 200 meters from Nørreport Station, a central hub in Denmark. The two glass and steel halls were built in 2011, and over 60 vendors attract more than 60,000 visitors a week, who are looking for high quality products and deals for every budget. Don’t miss it, if you are visiting Copenhagen.


Borough Market in London is filled with organic delicacies from A to Z. On the delicious food market, established 1755, you can see, sniff and taste delicious British food and imported delicacies. The British come here to do their shopping for dinner parties, and if you’re lucky, you will meet Jamie Oliver, who shop here side by side with top restaurants, hotels and greengrocers from most of London. Try the British classics such as Stilton, Cheddar and Lancashire, and delicacies from Piemonte or ham from The Black Forrest.


In Mathallen Oslo, there is a basic respect for the product, meal and food culture. The food court was established 2012, and the stalls offer fish, meat, vegetables, baked goods, and coffee by the best suppliers and distributors of Norway as well as imported products. The atmosphere of the food court and the products reflects the Norwegians passion for good food and beverages. Try the Spanish or Asian tapas, the small-batch cheeses and visit Norway’s first pie shop.


The environment and food culture in Östermalms Saluhall is highly valued in Stockholm and abroad and has attracted visitors for almost 125 years. Jamie Oliver appointed Östermalms Saluhall one of his favorite places in Stockholm. The counters and shelves in the food hall are packed with the best of the finest. In the numerous restaurants and cafés you can enjoy traditional Swedish delicacies with an emphasis on seafood and traditional Swedish food called ’husmanskost’. The keywords for Östermalms Saluhall are quality, freshness and direct contact between traders and producers, who strive to give you a food-shopping experience that will inspire you. So feel free to ask about cooking, menus and recipes.




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