A weekend in Zurich

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Zurich is a subtle cocktail of city life and beautiful natural scenery. It characterizes the city, that Zurich is Switzerland’s financial center, but you will find plenty of exiting items and experiences at all price levels.

Text and photos: Linda Danielsen Røygaard


16:00: Afternoon shopping at Bahnhofstrasse

Start your weekend in Zurich with a little afternoon shopping at Bahnhofstrasse, where the shops are open 9-20 on weekdays. In the new PKZ you will find the latest trends in various brands – Red Valentino dress, Paul Kehl shirts for men, Armani Jeans shopping bag etc. Check out the top looks on pkz.ch.

Import Parfumerie opposite the Globus department store has good prices on perfumes, cosmetics and creams. If you want to avoid fragrance and parabens, then look into the Yves Rocher on Bahnhofstrasse. Avoine Agriculture Bio Hafer (oats) is my favorite body lotion for only SFr. 10 to 400 ml.

Schweizer Heimatwerk on Bahnhofstrasse 2 has quality souvenirs such as cowbells, fondue set, glass and ceramics. Ask for glass from Hergiswil.

19:00: Gourmet dinner downtown

The first night of your weekend in Zurich you should dine at the culinary lifestyle oasis Aura, Bleicherweg 5, near the Parade Square. In the stylish restaurant you can enjoy grill specialties cooked on an open grill and the good service, which is common in Switzerland, is quite extraordinary in this restaurant. Check aura zurich.ch



10:00: Cafe Wühre by the water

One of my favorite cafes is Cafe Wühre on western shore of the Limmat River. In addition to a lovely view of the river that trickles refreshing through the old town, you also have a view of the Gross Münster which two distinctive towers is one of Zurich’s landmark.

11:00: Niederdorf

Start from Zurich Central and look into the vintage shop Blenda in Stüssihofstatt 7, where you’ll find trendy vintage clothes in the tastefully decorated shop.

Visit the Grossmünster church and note the massive bronze doors as you enter the church. See the colorful glass mosaics by Augusto Giacometti, who tells the story of Jesus’ birth. If you climb the 184 steps up in Karlsturm, you are rewarded with sweeping views of Zurich’s old town, the mountains and the lake.

Follow the Oberdorfstrasse and go towards the road junction Bellevue. “Live like a local” and grab a bratwurst at the Sternen Grill. The veal sausage with mustard and sourdough bun is very tasty.

12:00: Visit Zurich’s colourful neighbourhood

Trendy restaurants, cafes and vintage shops you will also find in Kreis 5, which previously was a ‘no go’ in the evening. Today, the area around Langestrasse is Zurich’s cult street and hub for young Swiss designers. Look into Saus und Braus on Ankerstrasse 14, where you will find more than 70 Swiss designs of clothing, bags, accessories, jewelry and interior. Check sausbraus.ch

14:00: A dip in the lake

Sea baths are flypaper in the summer, when office workers, students and the Swiss house wifes take a timeout in Zurich’s clear waters. So pack your swimsuit and visit Seebad Enge at Mythenquai 9. In the evening, the sea baths are transformed into small lounges, offering cool drinks and music under the stars. If you happen to visit Zurich on a rainy weekend, then visit the Thermalbad & Spa, located in the old Hurlimann brewery area of Brandschenkestrasse 150. Check thermal center-zuerich.ch

17:00: Shop in Coop

The large Coop on Bahnhofbrücke (open 7:00-22:00) to Zurich Central Station or Coop City St. Annahof (open 8:30-17:00) on Bahnhofstrasse is the perfect place to buy fruit, cheese and bread for a picnic or lots of Lindt chocolate and Raclette cheese to take home and enjoy when your weekend in Zurich’s past. Also check out the many good spice mixtures for the Raclette cheese and salads.

18:00: Sunset from Switzerland’s tallest building

The city’s old industrial neighborhoods are replaced by shiny skyscrapers with dream views of the city and mountains. From the 123-meter-high Prime Tower at the Hardstrasse 20, you can enjoy a cocktail and watch the sunset from the Clouds bar and enjoy lounge music.

20:00: Dinner in Zurich West

Enjoy dinner in the former ship hall on Schiffbaustrasse 4 in LaSalle, overlooking the roofs through the meter-high panoramic windows and enjoy the trendy nightlife of the area after the dinner. Check LaSalle restaurant.ch

23:00: Night Life

Moods at Schiffbaustrasse 6 is your first stop for jazz, funk, soul and blues. Zukunft in Kreis 4 at station Kanongasse is a musical biosphere and currently one of the hottest clubs in Zurich. Dance to the Phuture jazz, Afro-tech, deep house and other innovative musical compositions. Check zukunft.cl



10.30: Ready to cruise

Start the day with a brunch cruise on Lake Zurich and enjoy the holiday atmosphere and the smell of the lake. Choose from Langschläfer-Zmorge – Sleepyhead (SFr. 65) or Summer Brunch Schiff (SFr. 58), both at. 10:50 to 13:15. Buy your ticket at Bürkliplatz the day before or make your reservation on zsg.ch

14:00: Kunsthaus Zurich

If you have time before your return, thencheck out the exhibits at the Kunsthaus Zurich. The museum’s permanent exhibition include many wonderful works, and the art museum is a great place to visit, if you want a fine art poster to take home from your weekend in Zurich. Heimplatz 1, open lake 10-18, kunsthaus.ch


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